Gazowy system próbkowania Gazowy system próbkowania Gazowy system próbkowania

OMICRON GAS SYSTEM OGS 3.1 is the latest revision of the 3rd generation, fully computerised sampling system for gas detection developed by the company.
OGS 3.1 is intended for permanent installation. Different models and options cover most applications. It is especially suitable for monitoring void spaces and tanks that normally should be gas free. It can be delivered with up to 48 sampling points and monitor up to three different gas types simultaneously. The sample points have easy individual adjustments of gas alarm levels, sample and purge times.
OGS 3.1 is based on a scanning method. This means that the different sampling points are being connected to the gas sensor(s) in a cyclic sequence. The system can be equipped with all types/technologies of gas sensors with 4-20mA outputs. Infrared gas sensor is standard for detection of hydrocarbon gases.
OGS 3.1 can be delivered in two basic versions, as a Split version, or alternatively as a Combined version. In a Split version all mechanical and pneumatic components are mounted in a separate cabinet, the Detector Cabinet. It is electrically connected to the Display Cabinet, which includes power control functions and the Operator Panel.
A Combined version has all components in one cabinet with the Operator Panel mounted in the door. In addition this requires an external Power Control and Interface Cabinet to ensure a complete power shut-off to the Detector Cabinet if a gas leakage inside that cabinet has been detected.
The Split version is preferred and also best suited if the Operator Panel is to be mounted in an area with personnel present, as a separate Display Cabinet does not produce any noise.

Gazowy system próbkowania
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