System Autrosafe System Autrosafe System Autrosafe
AutroSafe fire detection system
Main contents of AutroSafe System:
  • SelfVerify function for automatic testing of detectors
  • Automatic addressing of detectors
  • AutroFieldBus
  • Accommodates up to a maximum of 12 modules, of wchich maximum 6 can be loop driver modules
  • User-friendly display and operator controls
  • Monitoring and Security on the Detection Loop
  • The Multisensor
  • Module Capacity in the Fire Alarm Control Panel and Controller

  All system units are assigned to zones during configuration. This allows hierarchical control from the detection to the activation of alarms. AutroSafe consists of the following three zones: Detection Zone, Alarm Zone and Operation Zone

  AutroSafe features the unique Self-Verifying Function which makes the system capable of inspecting and verifying itself every day. Every day the system completely checks all detectors, interfaces, connections and cables – from the detector chamber through to the alarm output. In the event of any irregularities, the display on the operating panel will pinpoint the source of a the problem, clearly and concisely.
Up to Until now, fire alarm systems have depended on upon careful manual inspections, involving a number of problems. For example, the detectors may be out of reach, the service engineer may not have access to particular areas, the detectors may not have been installed according to drawings etc. Even a manual test is not 100% reliable.

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